Permit to Carry at Down Range – A Huge Success

Published On: March 26, 2024

Down Range Guns and Ammo is proud to announce the resounding success of our Permit to Carry Course. With several months of classes under our belt, the feedback from participants has been outstanding, emphasizing the quality and efficiency of our training.

Our course, tailored for those with previous firearm experience, has been praised for its comprehensive nature—covering range time, the use of quality firearms and ammunition, essential safety gear, and even free refreshments. This all-inclusive approach, combined with our expert instructors’ ability to deliver complex concepts in an easily understandable manner, has made our course a standout in firearms education.

Participants have highlighted how our course has not only enhanced their skills but also boosted their confidence in carrying firearms responsibly. The positive feedback underscores our commitment to excellence and our dedication to empowering our community with knowledge and safety.

We’re motivated by our clients’ support and are continuously striving to improve our offerings. For anyone looking to refine their skills and carry with confidence, Down Range Guns and Ammo invites you to join our acclaimed Permit to Carry Course. Register through our website and become part of our community committed to responsible firearm ownership.

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