About Us

About Us

What is The Down Range Difference?

Our Start

Born from Experience

Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

Down Range Guns & Ammo was born from the experiences of two best friends who wanted something more from their own gun store experiences. Jared Liebesny and Ben Strauss are both experienced USCCA – certified gun enthusiasts who became tired of shoddy, hurried, and occasionally hostile customer service they found in the industry. That’s why they opened a store of their own.

  • Better Service
  • Politics-Free
  • No Pressure

  • Welcoming to All

The Vision

We strive for diversity across the globe

Our Customer-Centered Vision

While many gun stores say they are focused on customers, they really have another agenda – sales. Commission-based sales lead to pushy, hurried sales people with no time or desire to get to know their customers or their needs. In other cases, ultra politicized environments can also lead to an uncomfortable shopping experience. The growing Pro-Second Amendment community deserves more.

Our Promise is that every guest at Down Range gets a personalized, red-carpet experience, being known by name and made to feel like a part of the family.

  • A politics-free space for all Second Amendment supporters.
  • A welcoming space catering to the needs of all shooters.
  • Access to a knowledgeable team that provides an educational and pressure-free experience.

Down Range Guns & Ammo Owner helping a customer