Our goal for each guest is to

Experience The Down Range Difference

Our Start

Down Range Guns & Ammo was born from the experiences of two best friends who wanted something more from their own gun store experiences. Jared Liebesny and Ben Strauss are both experienced USCCA-certified gun enthusiasts who became tired of the shoddy, hurried, and occasionally hostile customer service experiences they endured at various gun shops. That’s why they opened their own store!

Ben & Jared, Co-Owners of Down Range Guns & Ammo

Our Customer- Centered Vision

While many gun stores say they are focused on customers, they really have another agenda – sales. Commission-based sales lead to pushy, hurried, sales people with no time or desire to get to know their customers or their needs. For many people, ultra-politicized environments can also be uncomfortable. The growing Pro-Second Amendment population deserves more.

Here is what we promise at Down Range :

  • Every guest is given a personalized, red-carpet experience, being known and called by their name, ensuring they feel like part of the family.

  • A politics-free zone for Second Amendment supporters.
  • A diverse and welcoming space catering to all, from novice to experienced shooters, and ensuring everyone, including women and families, feels comfortable and valued.
  • A knowledgeable team that provides an educational experience without any pressure.

Down Range Guns & Ammo is a unique space where gun enthusiasts can relax, discuss, shop, learn, and work on guns in a community environment.

Down Range Guns & Ammo Owner helping a customer

Our Store

In addition to the signature experience, Down Range Guns & Ammo also offers a vast inventory of high-quality firearms, ammunition, optics, accessories, kits, and gun storage options to cater to the requirements of all shooters.

Visit Down Range Guns & Ammo in Maple Grove soon and discover an experience that will exceed your expectations.

Contact us by phone at (612) 808-8650 for more information.